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The title says all.That the blog is about all my favorite old bands , models and things.So..welcome and I hope you'll like . <3
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Rule #2: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 10 new ones.

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I was tagged by: living-on-a-prayer-jbj( Thank you )

1. what are your 3 all-time favorite bands?

Bon Jovi , Guns’n’Roses , Kiss 

2. who is your favorite member in a  band? ( the lead singer, the guitarist, the bass player or the drummer)

Singer :)

3. have you been to any concerts?

Yes,I was

4. where do you live?


5. do you like it there?

I can’t say no.

6. If you could choose to marry any person dead or alive, who would it be?

Maybe Paul Lekakis (younger) or Simmon Nessman

7. favorite album?

BON JOVI, the 1st album of Bon Jovi

8. do you have any vinyl/records?


9. song that everyone should listen to if they haven’t?

Bon Jovi - Always

10. if you could play any instrument what would it be?


1. Who is your favourite singer?

Alice Cooper

2. Who was your first celebrity crush?

Oh my God…I’m ashamed ,but Joe frum JonasBrothers

3. Which song do you hate?

Lara Fabian - Je t’aime

4. Do you have a favourite book and if you have which one?

hard to choose…Sandra Brown - Texas!Sage

5. What is your favourite band?

Bon Jovi^..^

6. Do you listen only rock music?

No,actually old music(‘45-‘90)

7. Who is your fave actor?

Jim Carrey

8. Fave tv serie?

I don’t have

9. Favourite quitar player?


10. Favourite album?

Bon Jovi,1st album of Bon Jovi

Now,my questions!

1.Favorite city?

2.Favorite 80’s song?

3.Your opinion about drawing.

4.Why tumblr?

5.Do you like old movies?Which one?

6.Favorite food?

7.Perfect boy/girl?

8.Why Bon Jovi(or your favorite band)

9.When you discovered rock music?

10.Favorite outfit?

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